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November 5, 2008: NISG Meeting 2

Page history last edited by Sandra Rolph 14 years, 4 months ago

The minutes for this meeting can be downloaded here:  NISG Minutes 110508.pdf


This Wiki website was introduced to the neighborhood liaisons during our second meeting. Anyone can access this site to view, edit pages, and upload comments. Simply create a Wiki account (link in the top, right) and join our forum. This is the best way to tell us you ideas, thoughts, and concerns about the Arts Union Project at Carleton College.


The second item on the agenda was a list of "Talking Points" that the neighborhood liaisons had requested during the previous meeting.  Please edit/add your comments to the list, which you can access here: NEIGHBORHOOD TALKING POINTS


The results of Carleton College's parking study were merged with a similar study that was conducted for the City of Northfield in 2001. The combined map graphics (see image below) and walking distances between campus and city destinations can be viewed in the meeting presentation here:  NISG Meeting II.pdf 





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